Job Evaluation & Grading

About Job Evaluation And Grading System
An evaluation of a job System is an organized and consistent method to determine the relative worth of all positions (not the one that is currently in place) by looking at their contribution to the overall organization.
Utilizing a Job Evaluation System, the worth of each job can be determined and a correct system of grading will be designed to ensure that there is internal equity of the company.

Khalsa Human Resources Consultancies – We help businesses evaluate their strengths and decide on the best direction to utilize the skills of the team and the resources in the most efficient way.

The Approach

Competency or Competency and/or Evaluation elements will be utilized to develop the Job Evaluation System as per the company’s profile and the business procedure.
Assessing the worth of each position and mapping it to the importance of each job in the company will create an acceptable grading system that can be integrated with other HR systems within the company.

Why Khalsa Human Resources Consultancies.

Khalsa Human Resources Consultancies. We believe that every business is different. Therefore, Khalsa Human Resources Consultancies. offers a custom system that is integrated and structured Job Evaluation and Grading System to assist clients to develop their Organization.

In addition to Competency-Based Human Resource Management’s system for evaluating job performance Khalsa’s Human Resources Consultancy. Also, it offers a job evaluation system that incorporates a variety of factors and weightings that can be adapted to the company’s profile and the business processes of the business.

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